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I am buzzferkchurnt. An Auckland based Graphic designer, Illustrator, Animator & Art Director. This is a blog of my work. Feel free to get in contact with me. I'm always interested in new opportunities and working with new people. Contact me at buzzferkchurnt@gmail.com

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■ Somewhere Else

Yoyo check it. My zine from last year is getting stocked here, so cop it from the cool cats at Thousand Piece Puzzle and step up your thread count at the same dam time. 

Some more images from the developments i got done the other week. Dating back 2012/2013

straight tripping bruh
More goodness from the other week of film Developments.
Exakta with kodak film. 
Some more film developments: this shot of my zines printed and ready to sell at Auckland Zinefest 2013. Speaking of you can now check it online. Got one or two left and open to selling $10 a pop. Message me if interested, check it now. http://issuu.com/buzzferkchurnt/docs/somewhereelse
chilling with my nephew, cool little dude. #lilbruh
don’t forget this chill dude. too much #steez for one apartment so he had to get some fresh air..you know how it is.
little bit of experimentation. more of this to come fo sho. move it into a less abstract place.
trill pattern swag, this on a button-up. *fresh
Did this for the Sherpa Halloween party last year. probably one of my favorite times of the year. 

Few little icons i did for the last Lost Travellers digs. Accompanied a dope story and some doper design. peak it @ http://lostravellers.co.nz/lostravellers-magazine-3/


An old hiding place, need to develop again soon. 
logoz cause i kan x for these cool guys, go check ‘em out.
■ look where some of my work turned up